VDV MapMaster™ Data Remote Set

VDV MapMaster™ Data Remote Set

ID/MAP 19 data (twisted pair) cables or data ports/jacks at one time. Numbered custom RJ45 remotes 1 thru 19 for easy identification.



VDV MapMaster ID-only RJ45 Remote Set (#1-19)

P/N T121C

Maximize your cable ID or mapping efficiency with this custom numbered Remote ID set. Map and identify up to 19 twisted-pair cables or data ports/jacks.

  • Compatible with MapMaster, MapMaster 2.0
  • Note: For troubleshooting, identification and mapping faulty cables use T138 or T139 Smart Remotes
  • Weight
    0.8 kg
  • Manufacturer
    Platinum Tools, Techflex

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