• WISI VX29H 0650 Remote Powered DA DS 41db/US65Mhz

    The VX 29 H 0650 is a remote feeding distribution amplifier with an integrated upstream amplifier and diplexer. The settings can be adjusted via jumper or Q-steps and therefore an uninterrupted adjustment option is possible. 

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  • Wisi VX 2035, 1.2GHz CATV Amplifier

    VX 2035 is a location feeding in-house amplifier with a frequency range up to 1.2 GHz. It has an active output and a measuring socket on the input and output. Diplex filter and return path amplifier are grouped together on a module (VX201-xxx) and available in the versions 65 MHz, 85 MHz and 204 MHz. All settings are done without interruption with Q-step switch or jumper. In addition, a high pass filter XE-xx can be plugged in the return path to influence the ingress influences.

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