Audio Convertors

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  • CYP AU D2

    CYP Digital Audio Coaxial/Toslink Converter AU-D2

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  • CYP Digital Audio to Stereo Audio Converter

    CYP AU-D3-192 is designed to convert either Coaxial or Optical signals from a digital stereo signal to analogue stereo audio. With an advanced 192kHz sampling rate, this unit is particularly useful for enhancing sound reproduction when connecting digital sources to analogue amplifiers.

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  • CYP AU D1D

    CYP AU-D1D Dolby Digital Audio Converter

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  • AU-D4

    AU-D4 is designed to convert analogue stereo audio to Digital Coaxial and Optical (Toslink) outputs simultaneously.

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  • CYP AU-D1

    CYP AU-D1 Digital Audio Converter

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  • HDMI to Stereo Audio (2 phono) ARC extractor

    AU-1HARC HDMI to Stereo Audio (2 Phono) ARC extractor

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  • Dolby Digital Downmixer with Digital/Analogue Audio Conversion

    AU-11DD Dolby Digital Downmixer with Digital / Analogue Audio Conversion

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  • CYP AU D9

    AU-D9 Bi-directional Audio Converter

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  • USB Digital Audio Converter

    USB Digital Audio Converter is specially designed to take the audio output from a USB Audio Class 2.0 source such as a Laptop or PC and convert it to high quality 2 channel linear PCM coaxial digital output (S/PDIF) for use with an external amplifier or active speakers with a coaxial digital input. I

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