Turtle Wrap - 2.38"

  • Techflex Turtle Wrap 2.38"

    Resists Sparks, Hot Spall and Extreme Abrasion Environments

    Turtle Wrap is made of 1,000 Denier Cordura, and double coated with proprietary high FR Neoprene. This protection sleeve is used for bundling and wrapping hoses and cables.

    The reusable sleeve features Mil-Spec extreme Hook & Loop closure which allows installation without disconnecting hoses and can reduce labor time by 70%.

    TW is an excellent choice for weld cable or welding hose that is often dragged across the floor. This material resists sparks and hot spall. Turtle Wrap is also used in Subsea maintenance where barnacles, sea life and salt water can damage hoses. This sleeve is also heavily used on off-shore oil rigs.

    • £1090.00
    Sorry, we only have 1000 of that item available

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