Clean Cut® Heavy Duty - 3/8"

Clean Cut® Heavy Duty - 3/8"

  • Clean Cut® Heavy Duty - 3/8"

    Abrasion Protection That Cuts Easily With Scissors

    Clean Cut HD (CCH) is perfect for heavy duty applications where there is no access to a hot knife. This dual monofilament sleeve is constructed with 10 mil polyethylene terepthalate (PET) and 15 mil nylon 6-6 polyamide monofilament yarns for superior strength. For an extra level of protection, a resin coating is applied to offer improved abrasion, cut, and fray resistance.

    The open-weave construction expands to fit several application shapes and sizes, and also makes this sleeving highly flexible and resistant to trapping moisture, heat and humidity. Clean Cut® HD is commonly used in military, marine, and industrial applications where additional abrasion and moisture protection is needed.

    • £40.00
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