• ZEEVEE HD-2312 SD digital modulator

    The ZEEVEE HD-2312 EU digital modulator has 12 x rear facing A/V inputs which are encoded and multiplexed into 6 x DVB-T multiplex RF channel outputs for onward distribution into coax networks using the powerful and intuitive Maestro GUI for all the user programming, settings features, SW revisions and updates. 

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  • Teldis HDM-4150 Digital modulator

    The Teldis HDM-4150 is a 4 x HDMI input digital modulator which encodes (HD 1080p into MPEG2) multiplexes and uniquely, modulates all four services into a single multiplexed RF channel out for onward distribution into coax networks. 

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  • Antiference DMSD01B – Conexer single AV DVB-T/C modulator

    Antiference  DMSD01B is suitable for the modulation of a CVBS source such as CCTV camera or audio/video source. It features a fully agile control system enabling the user to set location in the EPG for the channel via the LCN function, name the channel, and set the various parameters as required. 

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    HDM-1L is the digital head-end equipment with encoder and modulator together and it is the high DVB-T modulator with HDMI input

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