"The Wisi Chameleon is a highly adaptable headend platform built around a universal hardware module. These Chameleon modules showcase their flexibility by effortlessly adjusting their functionality through the incorporation of appropriate licenses. Designed to cater for both current and future applications, the system excels in facilitating the transition to digital environments and bridging the gap between HFC and IP distribution platforms. The Chameleon Processor  boasts comprehensive interconnectivity capabilities, supporting HD SDI, ASI, IP, DVB Inputs and Outputs, among others. The Chameleon modules can be seamlessly incorporated into either the standard GN 40 chassis or the enhanced GN 50 chassis, which features redundant power supply, an integrated GigE switch, and a management port for high-profile professional applications. For smaller installations, the GN20 conveniently accommodates 2 Chameleon modules within a 1U frame." 

Wisi Chameleon

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