Telcom Splicing Connectors

  • 18122C

    Platinum Tools Telcom Splicing Connectors UY-Gel Filled Qty 100 19 - 26AWG

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  • UB-Gel Filled

    Telcom Splicing Connectors utilize an insulation displacement contact  design for fast, simple, reliable terminations. No wire stripping is  required and connectors will accept wire of different gauges. All  connectors are Gel filled to provide moisture resistance and inhibit  corrosion. For use with solid copper conductors only. Typical uses  include Butt Splicing 2 or 3 wires of the same or different gauges.  Perfect for pigtail and load coil splice applications. Use the UB  connector for tapping onto an existing conductor with no service  interruption. This eliminates cutting of cable pairs or opening cable  pairs.

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