Carbon Fiber - Heavy - 31.75mm - 1.25"

Tightly Braided Thick & Flexible Biaxial Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber - Heavy - 31.75mm - 1.25"

  • Carbon Fiber Heavy - 31.75mm - 1.25"

    Fabricators know that resin coated carbon fiber structures are stronger and lighter than virtually any other construction types. Carbon Fiber construction techniques are appearing in everything from state of the art military and aerospace airframes to hockey sticks, fishing rods and model cars.

    Our Carbon Fiber braided sleeving provides a strong, biaxial carbon fiber matrix for stiff, lightweight tubular structures up to 3” in diameter without seams or overlap. The tightly braided thick flexible sleeving will form itself to accommodate elliptical or asymmetrical profiles and provide the full coverage required for radial stability and torsional strength.

    Carbon Fiber constructions can be cut, drilled, sanded and tooled with commonly available power or hand tools. They can be painted or left with the braid structure exposed.

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    Sorry, we only have 1000 of that item available

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