Performance-Engineered Milk Tubing


  • DairyFlow Performance-Engineered Milk Tubing

    DairyFlow milk tubing is engineered to address the specific needs of dairy farmers who work with raw milk hoses day in and day out. After listening carefully to milk producers, Techflex, Inc. has developed what we feel is the finest raw milk tubing available today.

    About one-third lighter than other raw milk transfer tubing, DairyFlow hoses are easier to lift and move. Our advanced material remains extremely flexible in sub-freezing conditions, which extends hose utility in colder months. Because DairyFlow hoses are highly resistant to sanitizing chemicals and to temperatures, they are extremely long lasting. Unlike traditional silicone and rubber milk tubing, DairyFlow has superior tear resistance and does not shed carbon.

    Techflex, Inc. takes milk quality and ecological concerns very seriously. Our DairyFlow tubing material is plasticizer-free, meaning it contains no phthalates which are known to cause environmental and health issues. In addition, we certify that we use no animal derived lubricants in the manufacturing process, as these can potentially cause contamination of finished milk.

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