Photo Opaque PVC with HytrelTM Liner 


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  • Photo Opaque PVC with Hytrel™ Liner

    Photo Opaque PVC with Hytrel™ Liner

    Envir-A-Line XX composite tubing is commonly used for the conveyance of a wide variety of gases, including refrigerants and hydrocarbons. It has a unique co-extruded construction, incorporating a highly inert Hytrel® liner that exhibits excellent dielectric properties as well as superior barrier performance to nonpolar materials, even at elevated temperatures. Because Hytrel® has no plasticizers it does not outgas. 

    The product’s outer shell is comprised of a DEHP Free, permeable, photo opaque, black vinyl, allowing it to be repeatedly autoclaved without separation of the two materials. Because no ingredients contain Phthalates, Envir-A-Line XX meets REACH compliance. Envir-A-Line XX is also widely used in the welding industry for ground wire applications because of its dielectric properties.

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