Everclear - Anti-microbial PVC Tubing

Anti-microbial PVC Tubing 

Everclear - Anti-microbial PVC Tubing

  • Anti-microbial PVC Tubing

    Anti-Microbial PVC Tubing 30m Reels

    Let’s face it...algae, mold, & other contaminates can become major problems – especially in your condensation lines. Why not eradicate the problem before it becomes one and lessen your amount of call backs and service requests.  This is where Techflex® EverClear™ comes in.

    EverClear™ (TT-PVA) is made from anti-microbial ultra clear PVC and is also phthalate free which means it resists clogging due to mold and algae and helps to prevent costly water damage from blocked condensation lines. Because of its unique composition, EverClear™ also inhibits musty odors. Its high flexibility also makes installation a breeze.

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