TRIAX Optical Fibre (TOF) Range

The TOF range has been developed specifically for the UK market (based on new Wideband technology used by Sky in the UK) and complements our existing range of TdSCR multiswitches.

The new TOF range will enable the design and installation of medium to large Fibre Satellite TV distribution systems, providing excellent quality across all transponders.

Multiple converter options are also available from single to multiple satellite positions, and for legacy or dCss enabled receivers.

  • Standard Satellite IF Wideband (290-2340MHz)
  • Ability to split the input signal to feed multiple transmitters
  • All bands are separated optically that improves the quality, and makes the signals easier to manage
  • Simple upgrade to 2 Satellite positions
  • Multiple converter options
  • Signal can be distributed in Wideband or Quattro

Triax Wideband Fibre

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