Dragon® Sleeve - 0.13"

Techflex Dragon Sleeve (DGN) is a truly non flammable product created for use in the most extreme environments.  If your application comes in  contact with flames, molten metal, sparks or any variety of high temperature hazard Dragon products are available to take the abuse.  Industries like motorsports, welding, fabrication, and fire safety will appreciate the versatility of Dragon Sleeve.  The high flexibility braided construction is a one of a kind solution for covering hoses and wires with a fire prevention jacket.  When compared to other “non-Flammable” fibers such as para-aramids Dragon fiber maintains 100% of its strength longer and at higher temperatures. Dragon Sleeve is available in 8 standard sizes.

Dragon® Sleeve - 0.13"

  • Dragon® Sleeve - 1/8"

    The fairy tale protection of dragons skin isn’t make believe any more. This Dragon is for real. Dragon Sleeve is made to withstand temperatures so unbelievable that it would melt your mind. Designing a hose that you can melt metal on? Developing a wire harness to suspend over a lava field? We’ll leave it to you to dream up how to use heat protection like this. While you are dreaming of where to use Dragon Sleeve, Techflex will keep inventing more of the most innovative sleeving products you will need to keep up with your imagination. 

    • £39.00
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