FM & DAB Aerials

  • Televes 144223 Diginova-Boss Antenna

    Radome enclosed low visual impact antenna, specifically designed for locations where aesthetics play an important role. Ideal for building fronts, historic buildings, protected areas and even single-family homes (balconies). It is a 7-element Yagi directional antenna, manufactured using Microstrip technology for UHF and BIII printed dipole.
    Improved BIII response: Under difficult reception conditions, BIII reception can be improved by extending the telescopic antennas.

    The BOSS Tech system automatically controls the level of the received signal (either very high or very low) to always provide optimal output level. The new design using TForce technology makes this intelligent device even more versatile.

    RED compliant

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    Triax FM Omni

    Triax Single Element, Omni Directional FM Aerial 100188

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    Wisi FM Antenna

    Wisi 1 Element FM Radio Antenna

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    Triax DAB Omni Aerial

    Triax Dab omni aerial specially designed for areas with many powerful stations transmitting from many directions. DAB aerial covers from the frequency range 174-240 MHz 

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