2 In 1

  • Shrinkflex Shield Dual Wall Conductive Heatshrink Tubing

    2:1 Dual Wall Shielding Heatshrink Tubing 4ft Length

    Shrinkflex 2:1 Shield heatshrink tubing is a unique dual wall combination of a polyolefin outer layer and an inner layer of conductive cloth with high frequency EMI shielding properties.

    Shrinkflex Shield is flame retardant abrasion and chemical resistant, and is an ideal solution for for protecting wire and cable bundles while providing shielding from external interference.

    Shrinkflex Shield heatshrink tubing is available in Black.

    • £40.00
    Sorry, we only have 972 of that item available
  • 2" 2:1 Polyvinyl Chloride Ultra-Clear Heatshrink

    Techflex 2" 2:1 Polyvinyl Chloride Ultra-Clear Heatshrink Tubing Shrinkflex PVC Heatshrink is one of the clearest shrink tubings on the market. Designed for applications that require visability such as label protection and visability. Shrinkflex PVC can be used as a protective cover that lets the base materials show thru. This is especially useful on applications where highly attractive braid needs to be covered and retain maximum visual effect.


    • £18.50
    Sorry, we only have 999 of that item available

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