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  • Axing BVS 3-01 CATV Amplifier


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  • Wisi VX 2035, 1.2GHz CATV Amplifier

    VX 2035 is a location feeding in-house amplifier with a frequency range up to 1.2 GHz. It has an active output and a measuring socket on the input and output. Diplex filter and return path amplifier are grouped together on a module (VX201-xxx) and available in the versions 65 MHz, 85 MHz and 204 MHz. All settings are done without interruption with Q-step switch or jumper. In addition, a high pass filter XE-xx can be plugged in the return path to influence the ingress influences.

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  • Teleste CX3 L065, 1.2GHz Amplifier [TEL-CX3L065]

    Teleste CX3 is a compact dual output amplifier with forward gain up to 43 dB. Based on the latest GaN amplifier technology, the CX3 offers high output level (Umax 110.0 dBμV, 138 channels) and wide gain range, both helpful when networks take the next step and become DOCSIS 3.1 compliant.

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