Wall Plates

  • 100m HDBaseT™ 2.0 Wall Plate Transmitter

    CYP PUV-2010TX Wall Plate Transmitter enables transmission of video  resolutions up to 4K UHD, along with HD audio, 2-Way IR, RS-232, PoH  (Power over HDBaseT), LAN, and USB data signals up to 100m. Utilising  the latest HDBaseT™ 2.0 technology, this solution provides advanced  signal management and dedicated audio pathways to ensure reliable  results in the most demanding of installation environments. In addition to  the full 5-Play convergence, this device also incorporates OAR (Optical  Audio Return) and ARC (Audio Return Channel) functions which enable  audio from a compatible display to be routed back from the receiver unit  to the transmitter. All audio, video, control, and power are  transmitted simultaneously over a single CAT6a/7 cable up to 100m.

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