Inca IP Video Platform

  • HXC-200 Transcode Module

    WISI has launched the new HXC-200 module for the Inca IP Video Platform. With the new HXC-200 module, operators can now transcode between MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC, or to/from the newer HEVC codec, enabling even better compression than was previously possible.

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  • ASE All Seeing Eye

     Sophisticated, Real-time Visual Video Monitoring With Video Thumbnails

    Monitoring at a Glance

    The All Seeing Eye (ASE) provides sophisticated visual video monitoring and an overview mosaic of IP video streams, giving operators the ability to check the performance of an entire headend in any web browser.

    VidiOS™ Stream Analysis

    Enjoy powerful VidiOS™ troubleshooting tools with inbound and outbound video thumbnails, detailed stream statistics, including PID and payload details, warnings and errors.

    Compatible with any Headend

    As a flexible IP multicast video monitor, the ASE is compatible with any third party equipment in a headend.

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