Network & Cable Tester

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  • 4Mapper™ Coax Tester

    The 4Mapper™ Coax Tester is the easy and quick solution to troubleshoot and identify multiple coax cables. Fast and easy to use, the individually identified custom remotes allow you to track up to 4 connections at a time.

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  • VDV MapMaster™

    The VDV MapMaster combines continuity testing, mapping and tone generator functions into a single unit. Capable of identifying and mapping 19 locations at one time.Tests CAT-6, Cat-5e, Cat-5, Cat-4, Cat-3 and coax cables.

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  • 4 Way Coax Tester

    ATR124 – 4 Way Coax Tester

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  • PoE Detector

    Platinum Tools TPS100C PoE Detector

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  • Net Prowler™ PRO Test Kit

    Platinum Net Prowler™ cabling and network tester is a valuable piece of test equipment for computer network technicians and IT workers. This multi-function tester makes time consuming tasks like setting up and troubleshooting networks faster and easier than ever before. The Net Prowler offers a full set of features including network mapping, link test, IPv4 & IPv6 ping testing, DHCP testing, DNS discovery, and URL Ping tests. LLDP identifies crucial Ethernet switch information, while IP Mapping discovers and displays network IP devices. 

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  • ATR269 – Professional Cable Tester

    Antiference Cable Tester

    • Professional test meter for cable analysis
    • LAN, Tel & Coax cable testing
    • Test for cable length, open or cable shorts
    • LED backlit for working in dark areas
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