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  • CYP v1.3 HDMI 4x4 Matrix with built in HDMI over CAT6 outputs
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  • CYP 2 x 2 HDMI Matrix
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    CYP V1.3 HDMI 2 x 2 Matrix Switcher OR-HD22S
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  • CYP v1.3 v1.4 HDMI 8 x 8 Matrix Switcher with simultaneous HDMI & CAT Outputs (inc. IR) OR-HD88HC

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  • CYP OR-HD44S Matrix Switcher connects four HDMI sources to four displays allowing any source to be independently displayed on any screen. This matrix switcher can be controlled via the supplied remote control, RS-232, or by using the input switching buttons on the front of the device. This device is compatible to v1.3 HDMI specifications, supporting ‘Deep Colour’, High Definition Audio, and 3D signal compatibility.
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