Tinned Copper - 0.5"

Tinned Copper - 0.5"

  • Tinned Copper - 1/2" - 12.7mm

    Tinned Copper - 12.7mm - Silver (Previously known as Metal Braid) Our skill with braided sleeving extends to many materials including tinned copper for a variety of applications. Our tinned copper braid is perfect for shielding on harnesses and cables. Wire conforms to ASTM-B 33.

    High end automotive, heavy equipment and industrial applications have always used braided metal for secure and efficient grounding solutions. Our braided tinned copper is a perfect combination of economy and durability, and will provide many years of use even in exposed applications.

    When installed, Metal Braid provides full coverage and is great for covering and protecting hoses on hot rods and motorcycles.

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