Ikusi AV-DVB-T Stand Alone Modulator Allows entering A/V signals in TV distributions of DTT format.


 Main feature

• Audio/Video  DVB-T

• 4 CVBS and stereo audio input connectors.

• Excellent modulation quality MER: 38dB.

• LCN support (Logical Channel Number).

• AV1 to AV4 are also serially digitalised, coded in MPEG2 and modulated in COFDM.

The COFDM base band signal is modulated on an RF carrier that can be adjusted at the output to the VHF and UHF bands.

• RF COFDM DVB-T output.

• Editable channel name and information to be shown on the TV set.

• Modulated channel and USB player channel can transmitted simultaneously.

• Processing and insertion of PSI/SI tables.

• Remote control and firmware updates via web/Ethernet.

• User interface with LCD display and control button for basic configuration.

• All settings are automatically memorised.

• Reprogrammable as many times as required.

• Firmware updated via Ethernet connection with web browser.

• Replaceable power supply


  • Weight
    1.8 kg
  • Manufacturer