WISI DY70 Power Supply

Wisi DY70 Wall Wart 230 V AC, 13 V DC Powersupply REPLACES DY55


The DY 70 is a short circuit-proofed power supply operating at an input  voltage of 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz and provides an output voltage of 13 V DC.  It is used in combination with multiswitches of the PROSWITCH series,  as well as the amplifier DY 40 and surge protector DL 400.


  • Operating voltage 230 V AC 
  • Output voltage 13 V DC
  • Output current 2 A, short circuit proofed
General data
F-plug   1 pcs.
Operating voltage90...264 V AC
Power consumption<31 W
Output voltage 13 V DC (± 0,4 V)
Max. output current2 A
Max. output power26 W
Max. humidity, non condensing90 %
Protection classII
Protection class system EN 60529 (DIN 40050)IP 41
Electrical safety standardEN 60065, EN 60950
EMCEN 50083-2
Dimensions W x H x D86 x 49,5 x 32 mm
Operating temperature range 0...+40 °C
Storage temperature-25...+70 °C

  • Weight
    1 kg
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