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The Wisi Topline Series offers a full range of headend components with digital and analogue front ends and outputs. The Topline OV50A wall or 19" rack mount (needs OV99) provides the housing, power supply,amplification and interconnections for up to 10 Topline modules. The modules are hot-swappable and all programmed from their own front panel display. Control and monitoring can be accomplished locally or remotely with a variety of options integration possibilities available.

Wisi Topline Headend

  • WISI OV38 Dual Stereo AV MODULATOR

    Two-channel stereo modulator (45-862 MHz).

    Generates a signal with vestigial sideband, with a step of 250 kHz setting.

    Modulates two audio and two video signal.



     Type connectors (audio / video) BNC / Cinch.

    Integrated generator test tables.

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  • WISI OV76A

    WISI OV76A TOPLINE series Integrated FTA Satellite Receiver with AV Modulator, VSB

    • £417.00
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