Volcano® Exhaust Sleeve 6.50" - 165.1mm - Basalt

Techflex 6.50" VOLCANO® EXHAUST SLEEVE (VES) is a specialized braid of highly texturized basalt fiber and structural paracord. Designed with high performance in mind, VOLCANO® EXHAUST SLEEVE reduces surface temperature on exhaust systems, minimizes vibration, protects from abrasion, and delivers unmatched aesthetics.  

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The continuous filament basalt fiber braid provides exceptional high temperature and shock-resistant qualities, while the paracord provides stability: flexible on install, the cords will cure in place once exposed to exhaust heat, so the sleeve won’t unravel even under extreme stress.

Product Sizes

SizePart NumberExpansion MaxExpansion MinBulk SpoolShop SpoolKgs / 100m
50.8 mmVES2.00BA66.68 mm34.93 mm15.24 m7.62 m32.74
107.95 mmVES4.25BA120.65 mm88.9 mm15.24 m7.62 m61.02
165.1 mmVES6.50BA177.8 mm139.7 mm15.24 m7.62 m96.29
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  • Length:
    7.5m, 15m