Ultra Converter (passive) - UC
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Ultra Converter (passive) - UC

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Lynx Ultra Converters L40 -0257 Ultra Converter (passive) - UC

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Lynx Ultra Converters L40 -0257 Ultra Converter (passive) - UC 

Ultra converters are available in passive and amplified models. The passive converter will be used for most applications. The amplified converter is designed for applications requiring maximum run lengths and frequencies.

Ultra UC Passive HD/4K Converter

The new Lynx Ultra simultaneously delivers up to 804 digital channels or 268 HD channels on Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable. It distributes RF with frequencies up to 860 MHz over distances up to 100 meters, and offers stunning resolution and visual quality, including HD, 4K (with UHD or HDR), and 8K content. An Ultra hub in the wiring closet (IDF) converts an unbalanced 75 ohm coaxial signal into 8, 16, or 24 100 ohm balanced signals transmitted on twisted pair cables. At the point of use an Ultra converter changes the signals back to coaxial form. The RF signals do not pass through a switch and do not use any bandwidth on the network. A passive converter is used for most TVs. An amplified converter (powered by the TV) is available for applications with very high frequencies and TVs located more than 230 feet from the IDF.

Lynx will provide a detailed system design (at no charge) that includes drawings like the ones shown in the Spec Sheet also drawings of the fiber or coax backbone servicing the IDF. The design includes specific recommendations on the signal strength at the output of each fiber transmitter and receiver or RF amplifier.

Features and Benefits

  • State-of-the-art RF baluns: Sophisticated high frequency, impedance matching baluns deliver a clean RF signal to each TV. 
  • Cost effective and ultra reliable equipment: The hubs and passive converters do not require power and thus are very cost effective and extremely reliable. There are no internal amplifiers, power supplies or fans that will inevitably fail over time. All components are bi-directional, as required for set top box applications.
  • Reliable infrastructure: A structured cabling / homerun design improves reliability compared to coax. No taps and splitters between the IDF and the TV. No messy coax splitters in the IDF.
  • Flexibility: Moves, adds and changes are easy with a patch panel and UTP cable.
  • Simplicity: Data, phone and television can all be delivered on a unified UTP infrastructure.
  • Technology bridge to IPTV and Internet streaming services: Lynx Ultra sets up UTP cabling to the TVs for future use when IPTV becomes less expensive and uses less bandwidth, or for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.
  • Fiber transmitters and receivers: Fiber transmitters and receivers are available to deliver RF to the hubs. Optional remote control equipment provides centralized control for on/off, channel control and volume selection.
  • LEED certification: The unpowered design and an option for centralized on/off controls reduces energy consumption and helps obtain LEED certification.
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