Triax 318187 Twelve Way SkyQ Multiswitch

Triax 318187 Twelve Output dSCR Multiswitch with Wideband/Quattro Input and Legacy/dSCR Output, New low power consumption range. Replaces Triax 318184.

SKU: TR-318187

Triax 318187 TdSCR 512 offers 12 Independent outputs for legacy or dSCR mode;  can be used as cascade, standalone or terminated.

Ultimate flexibility
With your choice of 4, 8, 12 or 16 outputs, in the range  TRIAX multiswitches are compatible with Quattro and Wideband LNBs, and support 1 or 2 satellite positions i.e can be used in place of 5 & 9 wire standard multiswitches.

Reduced costs
Market-leading low power consumption means you can build large, cascadable systems with a single PSU connected at any point in the system.

 4 SCR/Legacy outputs
4 cascadable LNB inputs from 1 universal Quattro LNB
2 wideband LNB inputs (vertical, horizontal) for a 2 satellite installation
Terrestrial Gain Control for signals 0–20dB
DC input (for switch, line and LNB powering)
75Ω self-termination switch
Can be used as a Cascade, Standalone or Terminated Multiswitch

Balanced dSCR and Legacy output signal levels (AGC) for easy system planning and installation
Each subscriber output provides dSCR, Legacy, TV and Radio
Trunk outputs allow the cascade of multiple switches to support large installations
The unit can be powered directly via the DC input port, or remotely via the trunk lines
LTE Filter built in

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