Televes Fusion Splicer

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Televes Fusion Splicer

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Professional fusion slicer which incorporate SIX alignment engines to work in differents axis during the electric arc fusion. It makes a perfect splice within 8 seconds. Its transport case has made with high durability ABS, also it can be used as a work surface.

  • Small weight and dimensions, it includes all necessary accessories.
  • Protection bumper made in high quality and density rubber which provide high resistance to impacts.
  • Designed for harsh environments like strong winds, waterproof and adverse environmental conditions. Furthermore it prevents dust from the splicer area guaranteeing a high quality process.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface.
  • It automatically detects problems before the splice is done as it measures the angles in which fibre has been cut (maybe pointing at a fault with the cleaver) and faults with the fibre (usually dust).
  • It will also make sure the splice has been correctly done by checking the spliced fibre by pulling and measuring optical losses.

Furthermore, it offers:

  • Core alingment system.
  • 360º protection. Dustproof, waterproof and impact protection.
  • Starts the splicing process automatically once the cover is closed.
  • Automatic splicing (8 seconds).
  • Correct splice is guaranteed by a traction test.
  • Discharge automatic calibration due to altitude and pressure changes.
  • Manual calibration posibility due to the kind of fiber.
  • When the tube is inserted, the oven closes automatically.
  • Splice data and images were exported to a Datalog.
  • Full load battery allows you to made more than 250 merges/firing. It allows you to keep working in charge mode.
  • Each one of the high precission engines have a stepper condition with a permantly magnet and a reduction ratio box to provide maximum precission.
  • 3.7” LCD channel (640x480).
  • Long life battery (7800mAH) with charge display (service life between 300 and 500 load cycles).
  • Activated ventilation by temperature sensor.
  • Device automatic check via user menu.
  • Dual pressing keys which reduce wear.
  • Configurable ECO mode (standby and automatic shutdown).
  • Automatic picture rotation according to the position of the screen.
  • User friendly and intuitive.
Reference / Art. Nr. 232103 / OSSGN
 Average loss per splice dB 0.02 @ single-mode fiber (SM)
0.01 @ multi-mode fiber (MM)
0.04 @ DS & NZDS fiber
 Average time per splice s  8
 Average time for the heat-shrink sleeve heating s  28
 Fusion programmes  11 (SM ,MM, NZ, DS and BIF) pre-configurated
89 free
 Oven programmes 10 pre-configurated
40 free
 Fibre alignment 3 AXIS Core X-Y-Z
 Screen 3.7” colour LCD, 640x480
 Lens magnification Axis X+Axis Y=155
Axis X or Axis Y=310
 Languages Spanish, English
 Electrodes life cycle operations 4000 (aprox) 8000 (with replacement)
 Internal Inner temperature, pressure,
altitude and oven temperature
 Mini USB Upgrade and datalog download
 Mains voltage Vac 100 - 240
 Mains frequency Hz 50 / 60
 Battery with level meter Li-ION (11.1V and 7800mAh)
 Battery range operations 250 (aprox) (splicing and heating)
 Operating range
 Operating temperature ºC -10 ...+50
 Relative humidity % < 95%
 Working height m 0 - 5000
 Weight Fusionadora g 1800 (without battery)
Batería 530
Equipo completo 6800 (with briefcase and accesories)
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