WISI WI-DM66 A 1318 Six Way Tap

Wisi DM66A8013, Six Way Directional Coupler 13-17.5dB, frequency range to 1.3Ghz

SKU: WI-DM66 A 1318

The DM 66 A 1318 is an asymmetrical 6-way TAP with a tap loss of 13 dB up to 18 dB, application in distribution systems using a trunk line feeds. With a frequency range up to 1.3 GHz, the TAP is perfectly suited for DOCSIS 3.1 applications. The white bronze plated housing offers very high screening efficiency of Class A (+10 dB) and ensures reliable signal distribution. With the continuously rising use of multimedia content a high intermodulation suppression is critical. 

The TAP DM 66 A 1318 meets requirements according to EN 60728-4.

*Frequency range from 5...1300 MHz (DOCSIS 3.1 capable)
*Screening factor according to Class A (+10 dB)
*High intermodulation suppression
*Very high port isolation and return loss
*High durability and perfect electrical values thanks to the white bronze plating
*Graded TAP loss
*Approved by Vodafone Kabel Deutschland

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