Global Invacom OTX 1310 - 1550 D000410 D000435

Fully compatible with all the current FibreIRS equipment and designed for future compatibility. Replaces the functionality of the optical LNB and ODU32 . Available in 1310nm or 1550nm output wavelengths.

SKU: D000410
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◼ FibreIRS FC/UPC optical output
◼ Fully compatible with GI O2O and existing FibreIRS systems
◼ Wideband input
◼ Wall or pole mount
◼ 1310nm or 1550nm versions

  • Weight
    3 kg
  • Manufacturer
    Global Invacom
  • Model:
    OTX1310, OTX1550, OTX1310 + Lnb, OTX1550 + Lnb