Building CATV Amplifier 1,2 GHz

VX 2035 is a location feeding in-house amplifier with a frequency range up to 1.2 GHz. It has an active output and a measuring socket on the input and output. Diplex filter and return path amplifier are grouped together on a module (VX201-xxx) and available in the versions 65 MHz, 85 MHz and 204 MHz. All settings are done without interruption with Q-step switch or jumper. In addition, a high pass filter XE-xx can be plugged in the return path to influence the ingress influences.

SKU: WI-VX2035
  • High output level up to 1.2 GHz, with low power consumption
  • Active single output
  • Measuring socket for input and output
  • All settings (gain, slope etc.) by rotary switch and Jumper
  • Diplex filters, return amplifier pluggable on one module
  • Optional - receiver according to EN 60728-14 for ICS-settings
  • Optional - pluggable high pass filter at the return path channel
  • Very low power consumption <22 W.



Frequency range85...1218 MHz
Gain35 dB (±1 dB)
Ripple≤ ± 0,8 dB
Noise figure<7,5 dB @ 1 GHz, <8,0 dB @ 1,2 GHz
Output level115 dBµV (CENELEC 41 Ch. (CSO/CTB ≥ 60 dB), flat)
Output level111 dBµV (110 Ch/QAM 256, flat, BER <1 E-9)
Output level110 dBµV (all QAM (138 x 256 QAM), EN60728-3-1, flat)
Input cable simulator0/5/10 dB (Jumper)
Input attenuator0...15 dB (Rotary switch 15 Steps)
Step size1 dB
Input equalizer0...30 dB/1218 MHz  (Rotary switch 15 Steps)
Step size2 dB
Interstage equalizer (Slope)0/2/4/6/8/10 dB (Jumper)
Interstage attenuation0/2/4/6 dB
Test point-20 dB


Frequency range5...65/5...204 MHz (depending on return path amplifier VX 201 065/VX 201 204)
High pass filter pluggable (optional)15 MHz (WISI - XE04/0150)
Gain29 dB (±1 dB)
Ripple± 0,5 dB
Noise figure< 6,5 dB
Output level110 dBµV (6 x 256 QAM)
Interstage attenuator 0...15 dB (Rotary switch 15 Steps)
Step size1 dB
Interstage equalizer0/2/4/6/8 dB (Jumper)
Output attenuator0/10 dB (Jumper)
Output equalizer0/6 dB (Jumper)
Ingress control switch (optional)nach  ICS EN 60728-14
Test point-20 dB

General data

RF connectorsPG 11/F
Impedance75 Ω
In/Output return loss5...40 MHZ >16, >40MHz -1,5dB Oktave, >12
Supply voltage 230 V AC  ±10 %
Power consumption< 22 W
Ambient temperature-20...+55 °C
Protection classIP 67
Surge protection RF Ports2 kV (1,2/50 μs pulse EN61000-4-5)
Dimensions W x H x D232 x 158 x 86 mm
  • Weight
    2.5 kg
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