Antiference 4 Way Non Powered

Antiference 4 Way Line Powered Amplifier powered by SKY™ digital receiver

Line Powered Amplifiers
* Compact amps powered by SKY™ digital receiver
* Fully screened with F-Type connectors and LED indicator
* Watch and change channels in 4 extra rooms
* Compatible with ME100 and ME200 RemoteLink IR sensors

No. of Inputs 2
No. of Outputs 4
Frequency Range  Gain 88-862MHz
Noise Max 6dB
Max. Output* <3.5dB
Isolation Between Outputs 78dB¼V
Return Path Frequency >15dB
Impedance 5-30MHz
Power Supply from Sat. receiver 75©
Power Supply via 3.5mm Jack external supply 9V DC >75mA (inc. R-L Eyes) 12V DC >75mA (inc. R-L Eyes)
* DIN 45004B 3 carriers, IMD3 - 60dB
  • Manufacturer
    Antiference, Techflex