Indoor Amplifiers With DC Pass

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  • TRIAX DDU 6 + 2

    Triax DDU distributes UHF, Radio, Sky / Sky+ and CCTV to the main TV, plus two outputs for additional Sky receivers.

    Controls and distributes main Sky / Sky+ reciever to six additional locations.

    Conforms to the Sky Homes specification.

    You will require the Triax DDU outlet plate for this item. 

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  • Triax DDU Outlet Plate

    Designed for use with the Triax Domestic Distribution Unit (DDU) 333112

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  • Triax - Wolsey 2 Way

    Triax - Wolsey 2 Way Mains Powered DC Pass Amplifier (F) 334021

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  • A2120D – 2 In 12 Out RemoteLink Amplifier

    Antiference Mains powered amplifier range with SKY DC pass for control of the source device.

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  • 334025

    Triax - Wolsey 12 Way LTE Mains Powered DC Pass Amplifier (F)

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  • 334026

    Triax - Wolsey 16 Way Mains Powered DC Pass Amplifier (F) 334026

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