Wisi VX16C0650

Wisi Broadband distribution amplifier for use in coaxial networks.

SKU: WI-VX16C0650

Wisi Broadband distribution amplifier for use in coaxial networks.

  • Vodafone KDG certfied
  • Unitymedia certfied


Inputs1 pcs.
Input measurement socket-20 dB
Input return loss≥18 dB (-1,5 dB/Okt., 14 dB)
Frequency range downstream 85...1006 MHz
Gain downstream40/32 dB
Noise figure downstream≤5 dB
Attenuator downstream0...20 dB (PAD)
Equalizer downstream0...20 dB (PAD)
Interstage attenuator downstream0...8 dB (PAD, 6 dB by 32 dB amplifier)
Interstage equalizer downstream0/7/10 dB (Jumper, 1006 MHz)
cable simulator downstream 0...10 dB (PAD)
Output level 1111 dBµV (CENELEC 42 channels, flat, at CSO/CTB >60 dB/>60 dB)
Output test point-20 dB
Output splitter pcs. optinoal, by distribution module XM...2. Output can be switched


Frequency range upstream 5...65 MHz
Gain upstream 22/32 dB (return channel full channel load)
Noise figure upstream≤5 dB
Attenuator upstream input0...20 dB (PAD)
Attenuator upstream output0...20 dB (PAD)
Equalizer US0...15 dB (PAD)
Output level 3120 dBµV (1 TS 140 average load QAM64 MER >35, BER <1 x 10-8)
Output level 4110 dBµV (US, EN50083-5/2.Ord)
Upstream test point-20 dB


F-female2 pcs.

General data

Operating voltage AC230 V
Power consumption<11,5/<12,5 W (Amplifying 32 dB/40 dB, + 2 W with return channel amplifier)
Screening factorClass A, EN 50083-2
Dimensions (width x height x depth)232x145x86 mm
Operating temperature range -20...+55 °C
Protection classIP66
Lightning protection5 kV (EN61000-4-5, 1,2/50 µs pulse)
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