Antiference 8 Way (F)

Antiference 8-Way F Splitter 40-2150 MHz (FS812)


Antiference 6-Way F Splitter 40-2150 MHz (FS612)

F-Type Splitters

* High quality range of F-Type splitters from two to eight way F-type Taps

* Splitters are fully screened to EN50083-3 for high immunity

* Excellent isolation between tap-off ports

* Each unit has an integral 4mm 2 earthing connection point

* Full range of F-Type Taps and Splitters available for system installations

SplitterFrequency RangeSplit LossIsolationReturn Loss


Screening Factor50-70MHz e75dB, 470-950MHz e65dB, 950-2150MHz e55dB
Power Pass30V DC, 1A Max (Via In & Out on taps, via In & one Output on splitters)
Connections75© “F” IEC60169-24 (f) Earth Terminal on all units

  • Weight
    0.15 kg
  • Manufacturer
    Antiference, Techflex