Varos 109 made in Germany by KWS, Satellite Measurment Meter with Spectrum Analyser, DVB-S/S2(Combi Mpeg2/4 decoder) & CI and TV screen, provides full MER,BER,Signal level ,data logging function etc

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 VAROS 109 - Satellite measuring receiver

  • 5.7" TFT display with VGA resolution
  • Frequency range 910-2,150 MHz
  • Level measurement of analog and DVB signals in SAT
  • SCAN function for a safe satellite identification
  • BER and MER for all DVB-S and DVB-S2 transponders
  • MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 (HD) audio and video, DVI output
  • CI slot for CA modules with smartcard
  • Data logger via USB
  • Li-Ion battery pack 7.2 V/6.6 Ah
 MPEG 2/4 combi decoder
  VAROS 109 displays SD and HD audio and video. An external screen can be provided via DVI interface
 SCAN function
  The SCAN function works with an extensive list of satellite positions that are pre-stored in the VAROS 109. The clear display reduces time-consuming searching for orbital positions, especially for those who are not used often.

 UNICABLE LNB activation
  The displayed menu shows: the adjusted satellite transponder(12,100 GHz) is being converted to the UNICABLE frequency 1,484 MHz.

 Spectrum of active UNICABLE
There are 2 active UNICABLE channels shown in the analyzer.