Rubber Mat 1m X 1m X 25mm

Rubber tile black 1000x1000x25mm.


• Optimal drainage, underside provided with a studded structure
• Anti-slip, even on wet surfaces
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• Heat conductivity 0.14 W.m2K
• Sound and vibration damping 

Technical data

Dimensions (lxwx thickness):1000x1000x25 mm
HIC value / fall height:0.0 mtr
Size tolerance length:+/- 1.5%
Size tolerance thickness:+/- 8%
Weight:16 kg / m 2
Weight tolerance:+/- 5%
Type of top:False joint
Bottom type:Studs
Pin / hole connection:No
Fire behavior EN13501-1:E
Warranty period:2 years
  • Weight
    17 kg