Global Stacker De-stacker Line Amplifier

Global Invacom SDS Line Amplifier for use with Global Invacom Stacker De Stacker
 Allows for cable lengths up to 60m

SKU: GL-F101767
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lobal Invacom SDS Line Amplifier For use with the Global Invacom Stacker De-Stacker

Allows for cable lengths up to 60m


  • Frequency Range - 2.5MHz – 860MHz & 950MHz - 3700MHz
  • Insertion Gain
    Terrestrial - -6 dB min
    950MHz -1dB ± 1 dB
    2150MHz +5dB ± 1dB
    2500MHz +6dB ± 1dB
    3700MHz +9dB ± 1 dB
  • Noise Figure Satellite:
    950MHz 6dB max
    2150MHz 5dB max
    2500MHz 4.5dB max
    3700MHz 4.3dB max
  • Supply Voltage - 10.5V to 21V
  • Current Passed - Max 650mA including the SDS current draw.


  • Weight
    0.2 kg
  • Manufacturer
    Global Invacom