Global 2 Way Diseqc Switch
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Global 2 Way Diseqc Switch


Global 2 x 1 Diseqc Switch

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A two in, one out switch controlled by the DiSEqC protocol. A typical application is the switching of 2 universal LNBs, where the receiver's 13/18V and 22KHz tone is used to control the LNB, and DiSEqC controls the switch. Both full and mini DiSEqC protocols are supported. The switch, in a screened metal box, (sat & dc switches only) are enclosed in a rain proof plastic cover that protects the switch and the three connectors. This avoids the need for time consuming and expensive tape or boots. Dis-2x1-sat & Dis-2x1-wb are able to be reconfigured so as to enable cascading.


  •  25dB isolation
  •  low loss
  •  water resistant


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  • Manufacturer
    Global Invacom