Global Invacom F926012 C120 Flange LNB & PSU

Global Invacom Optical Output LNB , +7dBm, 1310nm with C120 Flange (Requires feedhorn)

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The Global Invacom Fibre LNB uses patented technology to stack both horizontal and vertical polarities, creating a single IF frequency range of 950Mhz - 5.45GHz. The newly created single band rides onto a beam of

light using a 1310nm laser internal to the LNB. Powered separately over co-ax the Optical LNB needs powering from a standard female F type connector <450mA.

Fibre connection is made via a standard FC/PC connector feeding the distribution network on singlemode fibre optic cable.

An optical output of +7dBm allow 32 Global Fibre MDU converters to be fed within a 10km radius.

Input Frequency:10.7-12.75Ghz
Output Frequency:950Mhz - 5.45Ghz, laser output, 1310nm
Optical Output Power:7dBm nominal @ 25c,+2dbm over temp. range
Noise Figure:0.5dB @ 25c (Typical)
Current Consumption:<450mA
Optical Output Connector:FC/PC
Operating Temp(Ambient):-30c  to 60c


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