Global Invacom  way GTU Expander MKIII can increase the output from a MKIII Quatro GTU connects directly onto the Quatro unit. 

SKU: GL-D000018
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GTU Expander can increase the output from a Quatro GTU from 8 to 48 outputs (when using 3x 16 way expanders in cascade). Its unique design allows it to be connected directly to the Quatro GTU without using additional cables. Feature the capability of cascading three units and achieving a 50m drop.

  • Expands Quatro GTU output from 8 to 48 points
  • Unique design for direct attachment to Quatro GTU
  • Cascade up to 3 expanders
  • Expander and GTU Powered by single 20V PSU
  • Small form factor
  • Weight
    1.5 kg
  • Manufacturer
    Global Invacom