WF125 Black

Webro WF125 Black Foam Cable

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Webro WF125 Cable

Mechanical Characteristics Construction: Inner Conductor: 1.25mm Plain Annealed Copper Dielectric: Foamed Polyethylene Insulation Screen: Plain Copper Foil Tape Screen: Plain Copper Wire Braid Coverage >40% Sheath: Various Insulation Diameter: 5.70mm (Natural) Sheath Diameter: 8.00 + 0.40mm Storage/Operating Temperature: -15°C to +70°C Minimum Installation Temperature: -5°C Standard Reel Lengths: 100m 250m 500m Custom Length

Electrical Characteristics DC Resistance Inner Conductor: ≤ 15 /km @ 20°C DC Resistance Outer Conductor: ≤ 13.5 /km @ 20°C Characteristic Impedance: 75 ± 3Ohm Capacitance: 60pF/m (nominal) Velocity Ratio: 0.81 Attenuation (d/B 100m @ 20°C) 10MHz <1.60 50MHz <3.50 100MHz <5.00 200MHz <7.50 460MHz <11.5 860MHz <15.5 1000MHz <17.0 1750MHz <22.0 Return Loss: 5-470MHz >23 470-862MHz >20 862-2150MHz >18 *Typical measured figure.

600006-BRN-250 600006LSF-BLK-250 600005-BLK-250 600007-GRN

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    100m, 250m