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  • Triax WD PurpleTM Sureillance Hard Drive (Use With DVR/NVR)
    1TB  2TB  4TB
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  • Power Extension DC Cable

    DC 1x4 Split

    DC 1x8 Split

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  • Triax PSU 249/8 24V ac 9 Port 8Amp

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  • BNC Compression Connector 

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  • BNC Compression Tool 

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  • Triax Power Supply 12VDC
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    Triax PSU 125, 12VDC, 5 AMP 301087
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  • Female Power Plug Screw Terminal

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  • Male Power Plug Screw Terminal

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  • CCTV Video RG59 CAT5 Converter Pair   VTC C1

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